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What Nifty Trading Academy Offers

• Traders fell in Love with Intraday Trading
• Rules that helped day trading In Nifty Options
• When Secret Mantra’s met Moolah Lovers: High Level Profit
• Intraday ka Superhit formula’s

Nifty trading academy, Delhi is the only Institute that Provides trade assists service and online trading Seminar to the Potential Investors. In Its Series of Webinar on Nifty and Stock Options, the academy Organized Live Online Trading Webinar for the Traders across India on 11 August, 2016 where the traders were taught the tips to catch the movement of stock prices and Fetch Profit with Technical Charts.

The Nifty Trading Academy always believes in trading through principle of “Think, Understand and Trade”. Keeping that in mind the Session was imparted to the Investors. Here below are the tips provided during the Webinar to the Investors and which can help the budding traders to play with right stocks, right time in right way.

• Keep your Ego aside while doing Intraday Trading.
• One should follow the market indicators to make decisions and not anticipate the market to perform as per personal expectations.
• Discipline is must to become successful Investor.
• Say Big No to Overtrading
• Take a position only when you know your profit goal and know when to stop if the market goes against you.
• Trade with the trends rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms.
• Do not play with markets with less Capital.
• Have a combination of contracts while trading.
• Always calculate the risk/reward ratio before putting a trade on
• Let your emotions not carried away the market. so always Establish your trading plans before the market opens
• Be clear with entry points, exit points and objectives.
• Always act and not react with the market. If you react you can cash on Profits.
• Once a position is established and stops are selected, do not get out unless the stop is reached or the fundamental reason for taking the position changes.
• Trade safe and maintain discipline using technical charts.

Earn More Profits Trading:

• Do not stay too long with the Good Market.
• Feed your mind to accept small losses
• Feed your mind to sit idle for larger gains.
• Take little lumps
• Do not overstay a good market.

If you do, you are bound to overstay a bad one too.

• Always take positions on performance basis in futures trade.
• The position taken should give you profit by the end of third day. If not then get out of it.
• Learn the skills of short side trade
• Do not always drive yourself with computer trading.
• Realize that emotions like ignorance, greed, stupidity can cost you more when market is against you.
• Do not gamble as others do.
• Learn the best of your ability in speculation.

Stay out of Losing Position

• Don’t trap yourself in trouble; the first loss during trade is the smallest loss.
• Analyze the losses and learn from it.
• The losses are expensive as you pay for them.
• Always write about the market openings, stop orders, and your own personal observations.
• Reread your notes and analyze the performance as no real movement takes place in one day.

Lastly always use stop loss!!! If you have any query always feel free to contact and for “Demo” & SmS On 09925391111. We will enlighten your trading knowledge in future too.

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